Friday, September 11, 2009

Great Orange Paint Out

Golden Key International Honour Society is having a Painting Supply drive for the Kat Krazies (The Official Student Support Group for Bearkat Athletics). We need everyone you know to donate a bottle of paint or supplies so that we can have the larges painting event this school has ever seen.

On Oct 3 when the Bearkats play St. Joseph's University. We want them to run out of that stadium and see 100s of painted people. Thousands would be nice too. This is your chance to help make that happen. During tailgating, the Krazies will be able to help paint up faces, arms, bodies, etc up until game time.

So Come early, Paint up, Be Loud. Eat Em Up Kats.

Boxes will be located in SHB 107 starting on Monday (September 14).

Check back for more locations!

Please donate the following based on your LAST NAME! We can't have 300 bottles of orange, and no brushes!

A-M - Please bring ORANGE Paint
N-R Please Bring BLUE Paint
S-V - Please bring WHITE Paint
W-Z - Please bring soft foam brushes

Golden Key Rewards Program

The top 5 members of our local chapter will be eligible to win some awards at the end of the Spring Semester. Even if you graduate in December, you are still eligible to receive the top positions at the end of the year.

The following is a list of awards for the top 5 members:

1st - $75 Scholarship, $25 Gift Card, Free Honor Cords
2nd - $25 Scholarship, $25 Gift Card, Free Honor Cords
3rd - $25 Gift Card, and Free Honor Cords
4th - Free Honor Cords
5th - Free Honor Cords

So, you're probably wondering how to become a Top 5 member? It's really simple. Everything will be based on a point system which an officer is responsible for maintaining. If at anytime, you're curious about how many points you have, you can always e-mail us and ask us. The following actions are ways to earn points:

Come to a meeting - 2 points
Wear your GK shirt to a meeting/event - 1 point
Attend an event - 2 points
Volunteer for an event - 3 points